BREAKING NEWS: 9 out of 10 Norwegians enjoy pretending Corona doesn’t exist anymore since after all, it’s nice weather

Summer is here and life is good. The cold is gone, the rain is gone and, not least, the silly Corona virus is gone. That is, it is not gone, but Norwegians most people are content to pretend it is gone so that we can enjoy ourselves in the summer heat for it deserves even if someone can die

The beaches on the go further
eAvisa has been driving all over the Norway the last few days and it is a joyous sight. People hug, bathe on top of each other, laugh and cuddle. “Now that everything is fine and the danger of infection is over, life is well leftbehind,” says a woman pretending the Corona virus is gone. She looks forward to enjoying herself on the beach over the next few weeks with thousands of other Norwegians who also pretend her father is over

Only elderly
people who die
In Oslo, the restaurants are full, the beaches like all other years and peaceful demonstrations take place in good old style. “Today I will demonstrate against people who do not like grey sparrow and afterwards I will go to dinner with colleagues at Aker brygge. I hope we get a table. Everyone’s going out these days.“smiles a man who also thrives on pretending Corona is over.” Besides, it’s only older people who die and they’re going to die sooner or later anyway,”he says as he cuddles with a softice

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