New weird trend: Now people stand along the road and give cars Likes!

“Strange trend” says young girl

Over the past 2-3 years, after Facebook became popular, people have been seen along roads where they have lined up to give passing cars Likes. “It seems that habits and things you do on social media are now moving to real life”says a young researcher at the State Center for Interpersonal Relations

Man liked the whole 201 cars
In Hamar it is reported that a man stood for over an hour to body a lot of cars before for some reason he got into one of them and drove on. “Yes these are enough car-interested people who want to like cars they like also along the road and not just in social media”says the researcher

Relatert bilde

New trend worldwide: In recent years, people have emerged wanting to show that they appreciate the car of foreign people. Here we see someone who gives an upcoming car a likes!

The staff were very friendly and helpful.
However, the people lining up along the roads to show that they like passing cars seem unconspicuthing to what they like. “On a general basis, we would recommend everyone to know what they share and like and make sure it’s not dangerous news or dangerous cars you like” says expert and media man who speaks critically to the vast majority that is not part of the good old media environment.

Are you going to like cars along the road in the future? Like and share this article you are in the draw of 38 dairy cows from Oppland!

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