Tough and tired Monday? These have it MUCH MUCH worse!

Blue Monday?

I guess we can all feel the frustration when we wake up on a Monday and know that now it’s a whole week where you’re going to struggle through everyday chores. Then it might be okay to find comfort in the fact that there is always someone who is worse off. Like these:

1. When you’ve had joint sickness all weekend and thought you were healthy, but then:
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2. When you are on your way to work monday morning experience this:
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3. On the way to work to paint houses, but then this happens for no reason:
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4. The first day of a new job happens:
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5. When you wake up and simply feel like a Monday:

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6. When the net hangs and you can not start the work:
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7. Happy and good courage on the way to work:
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8. Public transport on a Monday morning. Love it!

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9. On the way to the kindergarten there:

10. Mette remembers the day she committed social suicide very well:

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11. When the window cleaner turns out to be annoyingly skilled in his job:
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In this film, you may see some of the most clumsy and unfortunate people in the world:

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