BREAKING NEWS: Thousands of cabin owners misunderstood Erna’s speech on purpose. Is on the way to the cabin

After Prime Minister Erna Solberg today delivered her speech in which she warned that the government is easing the restrictions, several thousand cars are now on their way to Easter Mountain. Erna said the cabin ban will be lifted on April 20, but many cottage owners have been deliberately misunderstood. Thousands are now on their way to the cabin just 10 minutes after Erna stepped off the pulpit

I just heard allowed to go to the cabin
eAvisa has spoken to many cabin owners who are now on their way to the cabin. Lars Kronerud from Holmenkollen says he turned off the tv before hearing when the cabin ban would be lifted. “I’m sure I heard that the cabin ban was lifted immediately so then I relate to what I heard,” says Konerud, who is only going to visit the pole first.

Should be at the
cottage for the rest of your life
Another cabin owner says he is now already at the cottage and that he will never go home. “Yes, I’ll stay at the cabin for the rest of my life. I’ll never leave here.” he says. He has bought several hundred Amarone wines as well as lots of toilet paper. “Yes I have so much red wine and toilet paper that I can sit in the bathroom with superdiarè while I drink red wine at the same time. I have so much red wine.” laughs the sympathetic cottage-owner

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