Here’s the store that’s sure to make your sex life more exciting

There is no doubt that we humans are concerned about a good sex life. Of course, it was just going to be missing. Sex is one of our primary needs and there are as many interests, fetishes and preferences in sex as there are people.

Most of us have a very natural relationship with sex toys. In fact, this is becoming more and more accepted and Norwegians are actually trading more and more adult toys for each passing year. Although most people know about dildos, there are extremely many options to find if you take a look in a serious online store that offers sex toys in Norway. We stopped by the sex toy shop which has over 3000 different items in its range. In other words, there should be something here for the vast majority of interests.

Sometimes a strap-on with vibrator can refresh your sex life a little bit. This probably satisfies the vast majority of requirements. Strap-on can be easily ordered at Sensual here

As we navigate around at Sensuelt, it strikes us that this online store has very much we didn’t know we wanted. There is simply no doubt that we can significantly improve our sex life by bringing some goods to the checkout in this store. For example, did you know that you can order this:

This is an exact copy of the (more or less) famous actress Kimmy Granger who surely a good portion of the men out there recognize from her computer. This product is called “Kimmy Granger Rebel Fleshlight Girls” and can also be ordered at Sensual here

A popular product at erotic online stores is lubricant. This is without a doubt an aid that helps many. We found a large range of lubricant at Sensual. Prices were also surprisingly good. Here there is simply a lot of help for little money.

Another product we found a plentiful selection of was penis extenders. This is also an aid that can be worth every millimeter (Literally). A penis pump permanently increases the size of the penis.

This is one of many penis extenders we found in the online store. This one has the catchy name “Strict Leather Stallion Guard”. Penis extenders can be purchased here for just over 500 note at Sensual

As mentioned, the selection is large. Here you will find everything from “regular” sex toys and sexy underwear to the slightly more exciting items such as sex furniture(!), sex swings as well as a selection of different board games that should help excite the mood for you and your partner. In other words, it is much exciting for both her, he and not least for couples has a large selection of a variety of goods. In addition to toys, they also have a separate underwear department. Here you find something for everyone. You can see the store’s range of underwear here

When ordering our selected goods we began to worry about what this would look like when we picked up the package at the post office. Although most people buy these goods, it’s still not something you want to advertise in capital letters when you’re out among people. We were therefore reassured when we saw that all goods from Sensual are shipped in packaging that shows absolutely nothing. Or as they themselves write: “All packages are shipped in discreet packaging without logo”

Good luck with the action and not least; Good sex life.

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