Here you’ll find 10 sex toys that will really improve your sex life

We all need a little extra excitement when it comes to the amazing eroticism. Like all other things, it is quickly made that it can get a little boring when you get stuck in old habits. That’s why, in collaboration with the online store, found up to 10 toys for adults that we believe can contribute to a huge improvement in your sex life:


  1. MYHIXEL TR App-controlled Fitness
    Work out for longer with your partner. Read more and buy it here
    2. Lubricant
    Using lubricant when using a toy or having sex with a partner increases the guaranteed benefit considerably. A good lubricant you buy here

3. Womanizer Premium Clit
Revolutionary and stimulating clitoris stimulator, if you want the best of the best. Purchased here
4. Sinful Sex
Toy Starter Kit
Sinful Sex Toy Starter Kit consists of 6 different products for both of you, so you can explore each other’s desires in new and exciting ways. This is recommended. Can be ordered here
5. Mr. Membr Original
Penis Pump
Mr. Membr Original Penis Pump is a simple, fast and effective aid that gives you a larger and more potent travel temporarily. Purchased here
6. Elvie Trainer App-controlled
Pelvic Floor Trainer
Gain stronger muscles, increased sensitivity and even better orgasms when exercising your most intimate area. Book Elvie here
7. Monogamy
Erotic Game
Monogamy is an English game where you will find yourselves loving, smiling and arousing after just a few dice rolls. You will face exciting, fun and sexy challenges. Buy player here
8. Sinful Penis
Ring Set
Sinful Penis Ring Set 3-pack is perfect for those who want a more powerful and fuller erection, during intercourse or by masturbation. Purchased here
9. Sinful Orgasmic
Stimulating Gel
Do you dream of not only getting more powerful orgasms, but also more? Then you need to try this product. Booked here
10. Sinful Anal
Training Set
Set contains 3 anal plugs of different sizes, so you can gradually get used to a fuller stimulation, as you are ready for it. Buy the product here


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