“It’s all too early to let up now” says lazy man who enjoys home office

A man from Oslo strongly opposes the government now letting up on the restrictions. Erna Solberg has suggested that Norway are now slowly but surely going back to normal days. The man strongly disagrees with that.

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The man who normally works as a journalist in one of Norway’s smallest newspapers says the government must show action and impose on anyone who has the opportunity to work from home. “Yes home office is the best solution now. Everything else is madness.” says the man who has slept a long time, drunk a lot more red wine in recent days and who has been wearing the same sweatpants for 15 days

All too
The man realizes that sooner or later he has to return to office, but believes this should not happen until 2021 at the earliest.”Yes you can get infected, it’s dangerous. Safety and health firstLet’s stay at home to look after the elderly,”says the man. He enjoys today’s dinner, which is cheese pop with cheese tape and cinnamon buns. “Lifein quarantine is tough, but necessary” concludes the lazy man

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