Did you know that 93% of all Norwegian women are UNFAITHFUL? This is why

93% of all Norwegian women are unfaithful

More and more surveys show that virtually all women are cheating on their partner. In other words, if you are a man, it is almost certain that she has one or more on the side. Now, however, scientists have figured out why women are so much unfaithful.

Anger and irritation
It has for many decades been widely known that women, to a far greater extent than men, are much annoyed and angry. Due to the woman’s lack of understanding of logic, all women are very often frustrated and annoyed. When the women spend as much time on aggression as they do, hormones and vaginal tensions are produced that in turn cause the woman to experience hornyness. As this happens relatively often, very few men manage to satisfy the woman sexually. For this reason, most women will find supplementary partners where they can. Most often this is in the woman’s workplace. So in other words; are you man with a girlfriend who works she most likely has sex with one in the office. In addition, the research shows that women often play on the mobile machine which greatly creates irritation the times they lose

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A very common sight for men: This is what most men experience with girlfriends every day. Angry, annoyed and vindictive girlfriend completely for no reason. Now scientists have found that the constant anger is the reason why the vast majority of women are unfaithful.

What can the man do?
In other words, cheating women are more or less innocent when it comes to their frequent infidelities. The reason for this is that the woman’s aggression and anger are biologically landscaped. Like logic, women are unable to improve as these deficiencies are congenital in all women. The only thing men can therefore do is to irritate the woman as little as possible while quickly satisfying the woman sexually when they experience frustration or irritation with the woman you live with. One will of course not be able to eliminate the problem, but here there is talk that the man helps to limit the woman’s infidelity. In many ways, the survey shows that the woman largely believes that mostly they make mistakes, indirectly or directly is the man’s fault. It’s something to think about. Men should get together if they don’t want their boyfriend to be mad all the time

The statistics for men are, of course, far nicer. Men increasingly want to have a calm and balanced everyday life and perceive infidelity as a counter-pole to harmony. For this reason, only between 1-2% of men are unfaithful. It also emerges from the survey that it is men who are mostly always the one who keep their family together while women are often out having sex with work colleagues.

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