BREAKING NEWS: Cannibal from Lillehammer arrested after eating 2 Jehovah’s Witnesses, 3 pizza buds and 14 annoying alarm-sellers

LILLEHAMMER: A cannibal with a large house and four small dogs has been arrested on Monday afternoon after a police investigation revealed the man used to use a small doorman as his personal food buffet. The man’s four small dogs are being cared for by the accused man’s personal chef. “Chef is out of suspicion” reports police

Stayed on for many years
Police say in a press release that the man who has admitted all conditions has eaten alarm-sellers and people from Jehovah’s Witnesses for many years. “In total, we are talking about 25-30 victims who are eaten by the man”police chief Bastian Bein Marg told eAvisa. Foreløbig, the police are restrained with information, but can reveal that the man’s 4 small dogs are of the breed Bichon frisé. “Yes this is a great breed dog, simply a nice family dog”says the police chief

Facts about Bichon frisé
Bichon frisé is a breed of small dogs that probably originated from the countries around the northwestern parts of the Mediterranean. In the 16th century it was popular with nobility, and it was a frequent fixture at the courts in southern Europe thanks to its devotion and charming temperament. Then that now it had lion clips. “Such a funny dog can be up to 15 years old”concludes the chief of police

What are you thinking, would you imagine a Bichon frisé?

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