BREAKING NEWS: White House confirms Trump is sniffing glue

A lot of people have asked themselves what’s going on in the head of the US president. Now the White House is confirming what many have suspected for several years; Sure, that’s right. Donald Trump sniffs glue several times a day. “Thisexplains a lot”says eAvisa’s political expert by phone from Vattfjordsock

Talk about multiple tubes
White House spokesman spokesman confirms the president is sniffing glue. He explains that there is talk of several tubes with wood glue as well as superglue on a daily basis. In addition, the spokesperson says Trump is also sniffing his socks to achieve even more sense of madness. Trump is expected to sit as president until he resigns with death

Glue boosts performance
Donald Trump responds to the disclosure with great composure. “Thereis nothing wrong with sniffing neither glue nor socks”he says. On the contrary, he believes that glue is a remedy that should be used to improve performance and that can be easily called performance enhancing. “That goes out of its way. I’m sniffing glue. I’m the greatest president of all time, and I pretty much fix most things. So therefore; Sniffing of glue is good” says Trump

eAvisa has spoken to several people who believe that sniffing glue is not good. We have no idea what to think really.

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