RESEARCH: Those who own the most sweatpants jog the least, but eat the most chocolate

At the Norwegian Centre for Interpersonal Relations, they have been researching for several years on which group of people jog the least in Norway. The answer is unconditional; The more sweatpants you own, the less you jog

Never jogged
eAvisa has called over 400 Norwegians in recent weeks and looked at the connection between owning sweatpants and actually jogging. Surprisingly, none of the 400 people we talked to were jogging. However, all of them wore one or more sweatpants that they wore every day.

and cuddles
In fact, the comprehensive research report shows that those who wear sweatpants also eat the most junk food, drink the most alcohol and mostly never jog. “We see that everyone with sweatpants is usually either overweight, alcoholic or not washes. They call it “cuddle” says researcher and potential serial killer Karl Aksel Ivan Gladvold to eAvisa. So; conclusion is clear, sweatpants are rarely or never used for jogging

Do you have a sweatpants you don’t jog in?

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