“Why do people go to a pub when you can get drunk at half the price in your own garage?” asks Viggo (44 years) from Kolbotn

Summer is here and many of us run out in the summer heat to socialize and to enjoy a cold beer with friends. “Damn nonsense” says Viggo Loff Frønes from Kolbotn. He believes it is completely illogical to leave home to sit down somewhere else to drink expensive beer

People are
Viggo believes that those who sit in a pub and drink beer are relatively retarded. “Yes, I actually mean that. What on earth is there for a logic that you should get dressed, leave home and drink beer at double price? Oh, my God, i’m sorry. Viggo shouts. He points out that for half the price he can be just as drunk at home. “I repeat; people are stupid ass” says viggo and opens a new beer at half the price of what it costs on the city

The wife
does not agree
Viggo’s wife, Synne-Beate, doesn’t agree. She believes there are many positive things about drinking double as expensive beer out among people. “There are other people there. Classy men, old girlfriends you haven’t seen in a while and so me and Viggo don’t have to be together all the time either.” she says. Viggo looks thoughtful, but says Synne-Beate doesn’t have anything she should have said since she’s a woman. “Women should stand in the kitchen and please the man they. Get a beer dear” exits Viggo as he erupts into laughter and reveals some fiercely yellow teeth

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