BREAKING NEWS: Police warn of new scam in which women marry men because of money and not love

Police in East Raus Police District in Gnuvold report an increasing number in fraud cases where women pretend to marry because of love but who actually get married because the victim (always a man) has a lot of money

Going after older men
Police Chief Bastian Vold tells eAvisa that a number of women are tricking men with lots of money into believing that it’s a matter of love when it’s really about money. “Yes it is often women in their 20s who trick men from 40 years onwards into thinking that they are attractive enough to join a lady who looks like a very different league than themselves”says the police chief who starts to get sunburnt on his nose

Talk about
a lot of money
There is talk of large sums in such fraud cases. The men are tricked into paying travel, powder for many thousands of dollars and not least several surgical interventions every single year. “It’s sad, but these are men who need confirmations that they’re good enough even if they’re over 40 years old so it’s just sad. Women take advantage of older men to believe that it’s a matter of love when it’s just money“.”” says the chief of police in conclusion.

What do you mean, are men stupid or are women smart?

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