BREAKING NEWS: People are bored

Over the past 2 months, the State Center for Interpersonal Relations has been researching what people do most of the day. The answer is that most people are bored. “Yes there is no doubt, we see from this research report that people are really bored,” researcher and lasso expert Ivan Røyke Gladvold told eAvisa

Bored and
In addition to getting bored, the research shows that people are also arguing more. “Especially those who are in a relationship they really won’t be in quarrels now very much a day. In addition to getting bored” says the scientist. He thinks the trend of people bored won’t back down right away. “No, I don’t think so”he says

Boring to
You might think that when people get bored as much as they do now, they drink more alcohol. “No by no means. People find it boring to drink too. No one to argue with on the town, no one night stands and no kebab queue also makes drinking boring. It’s boring, but that’s the way it is. concludes the scientist who admits that he thought both this article and the whole research was boring

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