RIGHT NOW: Woman rushed to hospital with panic attack after losing all power on her phone

A dramatic incident unfolded on Wednesday morning when a woman in her 20s lost all power on her mobile phone while taking the train. “Thewoman is driven to the psychiatric ward for treatment and to have her phone charged”says ambulance driver Bengt-Barry Gnure to eAvisa

Screamed and hyperventilated
The hospitalized woman is described by her girlfriends as an upstanding woman, but with a strong focus on her IphoneX phone. The woman has repeatedly shown threatening behaviour when she has had little power on her phone. “This is the first time the power actually ran out and we are on our way to the hospital now to show our support”says a friend who has 92% power on her mobile phone

Quick charger is
the thing
Mobile and psychology expert Lars Våtsock says that such an event could have been avoided if you always make sure to have a quick charger in your bag. “Weare seeing that there is a more and more dramatic situation in the event of a power outage on phones,”he says. “If you’re going out for a walk, you always have to be sure to be broad. For God’s sakes. Remember the quick charger if you are going on a long trip” he urges eventually but he folds his hands as if praying

PS: The woman’s mental health is now on the rise on an equal footing with her power% on the phone. eAvisa will come back with more if we can handle it. Bye.

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