The parents of little Amalie received only 3 likes on first-school day mail. “It’s painful” says mother

We’re says Amalie’s mother

Tormod Bøtte Hansen and Solveig Kanne Hansen from Bærum have had a rough start to the autumn. Their daughter Amalie Kopp Hansen had her first day of school on Monday and her parents couldn’t be prouder. With a great retouched photo, parents were hoping for a real likes party when they posted a first-school day post on Facebook. But no!

Ruined a little of the day
Amalie’s mother says she quickly realized there wouldn’t be as many likes as expected. “No I got it quickly. You always see the trend for the first 3-5 minutes and at this record there was only one likes and it was from someone I don’t even know who is.” says the mother. She doesn’t understand how such a picture doesn’t get any more likes. “I think there could be a boycott. A boycott of our lovely family. It’s sad, disgusting and bloody that people have seen the mail without liking. Last year, my girlfriend got over 250 likes when her daughter had the first day of school and she’s not even cute” says the mother who is now clearly annoyed

Considering moving
The father agrees with his mother. He has seen other poorer records that have received over 200 likes at the same time. It is a big part of the first day of school that parents experience heaps of likes. “This is not how it should be. We’re in pain and we’re considering changing schools.” he says firmly. Now he has convened a class meeting where all parents will meet so that they can aligning records and tagging each other in the future so that everyone as much as possible is likeed when posting pictures of their children in the future. “Yes a happy class has happy parents and we parents will be happy when we get lots of likes. It’s actually proven. it’s pure logic” quits the frustrated mother of Amalie

Do you agree that it’s a sad start to school when parents almost don’t get likes?

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