This company does not employ meat eaters. Ceo believes meat eaters appear less smart

The successful company Grønn regnskap og gardiner AS in Asker has a turnover of many millions. In the company, it only works vegans. The company does not want to hire people who eat meat. “We don’t want meat eaters in our company. They don’t fit in and appear less smart” says the director of the company Berit Brokkeli Hansen to eAvisa

Don’t like
meat eaters
The director is supported by a united city council that thinks it is great that the company takes a clear stand in the fight against people who revel in the meat of animals that are cut up and parted in order for meat eaters to be satisfied. “A few years ago it was common to smoke, but now it’s embarrassing. The same is going to happen with meat.” says councillor Vegard Sau Linse in a brief comment

Meat is more
dangerous than smoke
In other words, the director of the company refuses to hire meat eaters. “We don’t want them here, they’re destroying the environment and killing animals. They are simply nasty” she says as she tightens her lip and ties her fist in the air.” There’s never going to be any meat eaters, here we eat only vegan”says the director while reminding her that meat is more dangerous than smoke

What do you mean, are people who eat meat assholes?

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