The world’s worst couple photo. You don’t believe what you see

Which photographers are there really who set up such pictures ?

Sometimes pictures appear on the big internet that simply get too much.

Sometimes we think of these poor people who came to that photographer with bad taste and a creative day. Other times, unfortunately, we think, “It’s really good that they find each other.”

These are really some good examples of both…

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1. If you buy this house,
at least you are sure that thorough Radon investigations have been done….

2. I took him for the chainsaw??

3. For Christmas, mom descends with a little boy,
and daddy with a big fart!

4th – Look! None of us have bleeding haemorrhoids anymore…

5. – We know someone who makes jeans dresses you realize…

6. Okay, it’s Halloween but.

7. – Actually, we have exactly the same hairstyle,
But he’s just got a slightly thinner fringe…

8. – Fortunately, the theory of men from Mars and women from venus hen died,
around the same time that we eventually forgot the whole John Gray.

9. Captain Token Black Guy marries ?

10. Poor people…

11. Arild did not mind living with another man,
But the tie annoyed him…


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