BREAKING NEWS: Mexico builds wall to shield its citizens from perpetual chaos in U.S.

After the us in recent months appears to be collapsing as a result of a crazy president, racist policemen and, not least, general frenetics, Mexico has now started the job of building a giant wall around the United States to shield Mexicans from being affected by the decay that ravages the neighboring country

Financed by the cartels
The wall, of course, is mainly funded by the cartels, which after all are the only government in Mexico with money and actual decision-making authority. The wall will be ready during the week. “We have highly motivated workers who are either finished with the wall during the week or who are alternatively shot in the head”says construction manager Jon’de Cocaine Hansen who tells eAvisa that his mother is actually from Brummendal

Donald Trump
As a result of the harsh decision to build a wall to keep the United States away, the mentally unstable president of the United States has reacted strongly. No one understood what he meant when he reacted, but there is no doubt that he was angry. As always, the president is expected to make a statement on Twitter saying something smart

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