THE LATEST: Andrè was forced to be quarantined with 3 nurses. “I can’t stand it” he says bravely.

Andrè Blomkål Nisse from Lofoten West has been quarantined for the past three weeks after a doctor suspected Corona-contagion with him. Andrè is forced to spend the quarantine time with 3 nurses who also show weak symptoms that they are infected. “I try to be positive” says Andrè

Holds out
Andrè says that after all, the days go smoothly. “It’s a long day and we’re all forced together in a small apartment and have to share 1 double bed, but all in all I feel like it’s okay” says the brave 29-year-old man. Andrè is looking forward to the quarantine time being over so he can go on the town and meet girls again. “Yes, they’re cute the three nurses I’m quarantined with, but I’m starting to yearn for some new meat”smiles the charming man

Has no underlying diseases
Furthermore, Andrè says that he has no underlying diseases. “Nei om ikke kronisk kåt er en sykdom har jeg ikke det, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” ler han lenge. One of the nurses cleans her eyes from the couch, but admits she likes assholes. “Yes it’s weird about it, the more pathetic they are the better I like them,”she says.

eAvisa follows the case further…

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