BREAKING NEWS: Man (43 years) continues not to jog due to Corona

A man from Volderud in Gnuredalen has decided that he will not start jogging this year. “Sincethere is now such an aggressive attitude towards those who jog I choose and continue not to jog”says the man who appears relatively fat

Haven’t jogged in
12 years.
The man has until now said every year that he should start jogging. “Yes, but there have always been things that make it difficult for me to start with the jogging. A few years ago I had a pollen allergy and last year I had to go on holiday so the jogging had to go out” he says. The man hasn’t jogged in 12 years. This year, he continues not to jog because of the Corona virus

Going to the cabin
The man responds to what he refers to as “a strong exaggeration of a cold virus.” “Yes, this is a storm in a water bowl, same as with the climate hysteria,” says the man who has decided to defy the cabin ban and go to the cabin for Easter. “It’s my cabin, and it’s thus a violation of the human rights rules to refuse me to leave”says the man from his couch

Do you agree with the man? Should everyone drop jogging and go to the cabin?

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