RIGHT NOW: Family travels home from road trip after using up data after 2 days

“I’m going away from this family” mills 2-child mother

The Grønnerud Wass family from Oslo has for many months been looking forward to a family holiday. They are 2 adults with 3 children aged 10-17 years. The journey would go through Norway in the family’s newly purchased car with a sunroof. Unfortunately, my father completely miscalculated when it came to the amount of data. Now the family is about to unravel completely and have decided to return home to Wi-Fi after just 2 days on the road

Should save money
The father, who is considered by the rest of the family as the main reason for the widespread problem, would save money and buy the smallest family package. This thought he was going to stick to both streaming the World Cup, the blogging of the 17-year-old and to the photos his mother uploads on Facebook so she can receive recognition. Yes or likes as it is also called. Now the family is in a violent argument on state road 128 where the mother cries, dad is pissed and the kids howl. “Yes good holiday a”says the father in a comment

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Howling, bickering and fighting: Since the family’s data came to an end, there has been complete chaos in the car. ‘Worst holiday ever’ says mother who is so angry she just wants away from the whole family

Just want to go home to Wifi
The family who now just want home are now working to cancel a number of activities they have already ordered and paid for. It turns out to be difficult as most of it has to be cancelled online”The holiday should really last for another 8 days, but now this is completely out of the question”says the father. He will in no way miss the World Cup matches broadcast over the next few days. My mother, on the other hand, is so that she is now considering a skills miss. “Yes I can always go back to Ivar (the exmannen). He certainly hadn’t ruined a holiday to save £40″. milling she

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