“This Easter is actually not that bad. I have experienced far worse Easter than this” says Jesus

Most of us think this year’s Easter celebrations have been a little duller and a little less fun than other years. E who does not think Easter this year is so bad is Jesus. “Iunderstand that pandemic is boring, but I’ve had far worse Easter than this,”he says

Boring is okay
eAvisa has been talking to Jesus via sky mail and he writes that he has the understanding that viruses, cabin bans and little social contact are bad. “Yet I would point out that there are worse things than this,” he says. He claims to have experienced worse Easter celebrations. “Yes it was the talk of pure torture actually” he writes

Getting better in 2038
Jesus can simultaneously calm us people down with that pandemic we are now seeing the start of is finished as early as 2038.”Yes that’s right, already in February 2038 this is over so it’s a matter of a few years”he says reassuringly. Jesus points out that as long as you stay inside and listen to experts, this will be fine. “Yes dad has decided that this time only 5-6 million people so this is no crisis exactly”he concludes

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