RESEARCH: Dolphins by no means as intelligent when they are on land. Can’t do anything

The State Center for Interpersonal Relations has for many years researched what is referred to as the world’s smartest animals; namely, the dolphin. Now it turns out that the dolphin is completely inept if it is on land. “Dolphins can’t do anything when they’re on land” says scientist

Researcher and dolphin expert Bjørn Finne Suppe tells eAvisa that the research results are extremely disappointing. “It now turns out after years of research that this so-called smart animal that they are completely useless on land. Hopeless” he says as he shakes his head. He seems simply annoyed by the stupidity dolphins show when they stay on land

39 dolphins
During the research, 39 dolphins died during various tests. “We initially thought it was wrong so we made a lot of attempts, but all the dolphins appeared apathetic when they came ashore. Shaking and rolling around was pretty much the only thing they could do. Stupid animals” the researcher who will next week research the responsiveness of young children when a car arrives 100 km straight against the

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