RESEARCH: Taking off her bra after a long day is the most satisfying thing a woman can experience

At the Norwegian Centre for Interpersonal Relations, they have long researched what experiences can be defined as the most satisfying a woman can experience. After several months of extensive research, the conclusion is clear

And take off
your bra
The research shows that women experience taking off their bra after a long day as by far the most satisfying they can experience. This experience is perceived as better than for example orgasm by 98% of all women in all countries. The research also shows that there are insane many countries in the world. Countries you never thought could exist. Strange and very unknown countries.

Do not
recommend bra
The same research also showed that there are very many reasons why women should ditch bras. “Wesee that if women stop using the basically superfluous garment then both women and men will be generally more satisfied”says researcher and gluten allergic Bob Baltazar Bucket Violence to eAvisa in a comment via his mobile phone

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