BREAKING NEWS: Desperate cat fights a daily battle against forced coziness

The cat Birger lives with his mother Sigrid Hårvått Gnure in Sogndal. Birger is despairing, constantly afraid of compulsive coziness. The owner, in turn, uses Birger as a substitute for lack of attention from the opposite sex

Forced to cuddle to get food
Birger is just one of many thousands of Norwegian cats living with compulsive coziness. “We see that many thousands of cats every day have to fight hard battles against forced coziness. Ultimately, the cats lose this battle as they must have food and have no other options” says Ivan Kattvold of the Association for Cats Who Experience Daily Struggle Against Cuddles (FFKSODKMK)

Kos is abuse
A number of cats live in conditions where they have to cuddle daily to maintain tranquility in the home. “Many cats experience being woken up with cuddles in the middle of a dream. This is of course traumatic for the cat people who, with the exception of a little scratching and loud meowing, are defenseless towards single women who cuddle them hard, often and for a long time” says the association leader. “Kos is abuse. These cats will not be cuddled, but are forced to cuddle several times a day” he concludes

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