Lars-Børre finds it ridiculous that no more girls go topless on the beach!

“Incredibly stupid” says Lars-Børre

For many years Lars-Børre Gnurebock has been looking forward to the summer. Then he has gone to the beach where he goes and enjoys himself with only breasts and bouncing girls’ breasts. In recent years, however, Lars-Børre has noticed an ugly trend; Norwegian girls do not undress as much as before. “Amazing ly for us men who mainly go to the beach to look at nipples then”he says

More taboo than before
Lars-Børre says that in the 90s it was mostly just girls bathing, sunbathing and relaxing with their tits completely bare. “Yes then I could sit for hours and watch tits while the girls enjoyed themselves without a top”he says. In recent years, the situation has changed drastically. “Yes now there is hardly enough a single nipple to see”he says. The only exception is Olga at 92 years old, but there is no interest as much as Lars-Børre

Miss only breasts: Lars-Børre Gnurebock from Lom travels the country during the summer season to discover and look at new tits. Now he despairs that it is no longer common for the girls to sunbathe topless. “It won’t be the same” he says despairingly.

Does anyone think they should speak up
When he now chooses to go out in the media with this, he admits that it is for the girls to reconsider the situation. “There are only advantages to sunbathing topless; Smoother tan, tits get air and not least contribute to a greater sense of happiness in the men who sit and stare at their tits” he says. Now he hopes the girls show some understanding and cut out this covering garment that hides large and small female breasts. “Get yourselves together girls. Undress” he concludes loudly and firmly

What do you think, should the girls cut out by covering up?

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