FINAL EASTER HOLIDAY: Going to be well with a few days at home in the living room

Finally, it’s easter. Norwegians can’t wait to celebrate the time marked by hares, marzipan and board games. Just as God and Jesus wanted us to remember Him. This year, in fact, many Norwegians are reporting that they will stay home

Popular with home Easter
We see that many Norwegians this year choose to stay at home instead of going to the cabin and it is cozy” says researcher Magnus Bøtt Kåkk to eAvisa. He thinks home Easter is popular because many people find it nice to just relax at home with a good movie and several kilos of marzipan. “Yes marzipan is good so it’s no wonder it’s popular”he smiles

Soon Christmas
According to the Norwegian Research Association, many Norwegians are also now planning to celebrate Christmas at home. “Norwegiansare happy at Christmas and this year most people plan to start christmas celebrations as early as July” shows research reports compiled by many scientists who have right now chosen to work from home

Happy Easter…… and Christmas!

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