BREAKING NEWS: Man hospitalized in psychiatric after fighting 1 mosquitoes all night

HAMAR: A man in his 40s has been put in a straitjacket at a psychiatric clinic on Monday morning after failing to sleep a single minute a night. The reason is that the man all night has tried to kill a mosquito without success

Crying and beating himself
Police Chief Bastian of kronglevåg police district tells eAvisa that the man is perceived as extremely unstable. “We had to pick up the man in his home in the morning hours today. He screamed and cried about each other. The man screamed at the mosquito that had been bothering him throughout the night. “It seems that the man thinks that the mosquito is after him” says the chief of police

Seeing more cases
Doctor and mosquito expert Sofie Bommelom says they are seeing a growing trend in which adult males lose their temper due to mosquitoes. “Yes in the summer we see that we constantly get into men who “have clicked” after fighting against mosquitoes. We see that men who have had mosquitoes lashing in their ear for a whole night often go into what we call a “mosquito psychosis” she says

The Norwegian Mosquito Association says in a text message that mosquitoes are not as annoying as everyone should have it. “The mosquito is a misunderstood animal. It has feelings on the same level as us men” says federation leader Erik Myggen Stikk

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