DOCTOR WARNS: Don’t vaccinate your child if you want them to die

A doctor is now taking a hard line in the vaccine debate. Many believe that vaccine should be vaccinated in children while some believe vaccine on children does not belong in this world. Doctor and vaccine expert Morten Nål Blodstad now tells us what is actually true.

This is the solution
The doctor explains that through many years of research, the fascination has been found. “Yes what we are seeing now from scientific research is that one should not vaccinate their child unless you want them to die”he says. He believes parents need to make a careful assessment before vaccinating their child. “Yes here it is important that parents think well about. If you want your child to get sick and die, you should not actually vaccinate the” he says firmly

Unemployed man disagrees
Although most doctors and scientists agree with the doctor, not everyone can be convinced. A man from Toten who is currently unemployed thinks vaccine is just nonsense. “There is nothing to suggest that one should vaccinate children”says the man who thus chooses to disregard decades of research and medical results. For the record, we mention that the unemployed man without education is also an expert on climate, immigration and religion

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