RIGHT NOW: Over 30,000 gathered in Oslo to demonstrate against students who violate infection control rules

More than 30,000 Norwegians are gathered closely to say that enough is enough. “Now it’s enough, no one’s going to be allowed to break the rules of infection protection without us taking a strong stance and marking that it’s not okay” says one of the thousands of protesters who have gathered around the Storting in Oslo

People can die

The protesters agree that when students meet in large crowds to demonstrate, they put people’s lives at risk. “Hello! We are in the middle of a pandemic where people all over the universe die.” says a significant influencer with over 100 followers on Instagram. She’s not alone in speaking out. Over 30,000 people agree with her and they are furious at people who violate infection control rules. “Hello, people can die yaknow, it’s so tragic indeed”screams another influencer with soon over 200 followers

The police can’t stand it.

Oslo Police District tells eAvisa’s demonstration journalist that they can’t care anymore. “People break infection control rules all the time, it’s impossible for us to follow this up,”says the police officer who admits he’s really tired of all the restrictions himself and thinks this is going smoothly. “Yes, yes, this will work out, stop nagging”he smiles

eAvisa follows the demonstration that goes peacefully with the exception of a couple of stabbing incidents and a shootout inside the lobby of the Storting. In addition, there are many who have been shot in the head, but otherwise it goes quietly

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