Here are the first drunken pictures of Norwegians enjoying themselves on May 17

“Smooth ing with the day, hicly” says man (33)

The national day is the day when many people enjoy a lot of beer from early in the morning. As the clock passes 1300, pretty much all Norwegians are very drunk and enjoying themselves. Here are the first pictures of people enjoying themselves:

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1. In between the strokes, it’s okay to get some sleep:
Bilderesultat for worst drunk

2. Karaoke is fun:
Bilderesultat for worst drunk

3. Jadaaa….. May 17th then we are so happy:
Relatert bilde

4. Dangerous to fall asleep at the after party:

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5. Enjoy themselves:

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6. Drink lots of red wine and then enjoy yourself on the couch:
Relatert bilde

7. A little happy violence is inafor:
Bilderesultat for drunk fail


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