BREAKING NEWS: Woman (38 years old) managed to make cheesecake without boasting about it on Facebook!

For the past 2 days, a woman from Østfold has been working on baking a great cheesecake. The cake has both jelly and a perfect biscuit bottom. It is therefore startling and incredible that the woman has not taken an amazing photo of the cheesecake and posted it on Facebook to get likes and comments about how incredibly clever she is

Forgot it
eAvisa has spoken to the woman who says that she (of course) had all intentions to post a picture of the cheesecake on Facebook, but that she simply forgot about it and let her partner eat up the cake without her boasting of the cake on Facebook. “I realize it’s weird, but next time, yes it’ll be cheesecake on Facebook”says the woman who can be described as pretty on the border of beautiful.

Not experienced this before
Researcher and avid bake expert Pål Topping Easter tells eAvisa that it’s the first time he’s heard of a woman who has made a cheesecake without boasting about it on Facebook. “Strange, very strange” is the only comment he makes, but underpins the statement by shaking his head sharply to emphasize that he thinks it is… Yes….. Strange.

Could you bake something without bragging about it on Facebook? Doesn’t the joke be made of baking away? Ha?!

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