BREAKING NEWS: The government is changing Sweden to brown. Denmark turns pink

As a final strategy in the government’s fight against the Corona virus, you are now changing colors of countries that do not want Norwegians to travel to. The latest changes are now that a number of countries are turning brown and that almost no country except 12 turns pink. “An important part of the fight against infection”, says Bent Betzen Baltazar of the Norwegian Centre for Widespread Infection

Sweden turns brown
one of the countries that changes colour is Sweden. “We change Sweden to brown which means that you can travel to some parts of the country, but not by bus produced after the Corona pandemic became critical. critically we mean over 2% of the population who have or have not been infected or who suspect that they themselves or family outside the nearest circle have COPD” says in the government’s briefing

Colorblind breeds
Not everyone thinks the new colour system of government is appropriate. “For those of us who are colorblind, this is dramatic. We can risk going to countries that are red because we thought they were yellow or brown.” Spokesman for the Norwegian Colour Blind Association Roar Gulstad told eAvisa. He’s simply cursed. “Yes that’s right. I’m angry. It’s time for the government to start paying attention to us colorblind. We are people we too” he mills

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