BREAKING NEWS: Police will dig in Hagen’s garden to find out if Hagen is hiding anything in the garden

After the police have today arrested Tom Hagen and charged him with participation in murder or something in that duren, the police have decided to dig in hagen’s garden to find out if Hagen has anything to hide in his garden. “Hagen’s garden has a central role in the investigation around Hagen” says the police

The garden central to the investigation
The police tell eAvisa that hagen’s garden is large and that it will take a long time to dig up the garden where Hagen has lived for many years with his wife. “The garden has had unlimited access to the garden so we cannot rule out that Hagen has chosen to use the garden as a hiding place” says Police Chief Carl Våldsdom Hagen in a comment

Using excavator in the garden
Furthermore, the police tell that the garden will be dug up with excavator supplied by the company Hagenrud Gravservice. “Hagen has for many years used Hagenrud burial service to dig things down in the garden so we are now using this company to dig up any evidence in hagen’s garden”says the chief of police who is not related to Hagen. “No, god, it should have taken itself out,” laughs the commissioner

For the record: Hagen is not related to Carl I. Hagen even though they are both named Hagen by surname. Garden

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