A husband in the midlife crisis is considering leaving his wife because he thinks he’s still attractive.

A man in his 40s from Stavanger is currently considering leaving his wife, whom he has been married to for almost 15 years. The reason is that the man is in the midst of a midlife crisis where he feels that life is about to disappear in quarrels over toilet lids, boring movie nights and constant arguments about what to wear for dinner.

Going to
get younger lady
The man who is slightly below average attractive thinks he is a really attractive man in what he himself calls “my best age”. The truth is that the man is petty, makes little money and has an anger problem that no one else than his current wife will accept. However, the man believes he should leave his wife and then be with a younger beautiful lady during the summer

The wife
doesn’t care”
He’s not going anywhere. What he’s too lazy to. the wife laughs as she shakes her head and mutters “pathetic little man” to himself. His wife says her husband gets to buy himself a moped with a black helmet if he wants to relive the youth. “He has bad knees, a high hair clip and ever longer testicles so he’ll probably stay where he is yes. On the couch with the remote control and his stomach hanging over his 2-year-old boxer shorts” she says

Three months after this interview, the man is still home. On the couch. In the same boxer.

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