BREAKING NEWS: Government opens to legalise cocaine for Norwegians who are very shy

The Norwegian government has, after careful consideration, decided to legalise the drug Cocaine. “Wesee that legalizing this drug will be able to help the most shy part of the population loosen up a little”says State Secretary Ludvig Bottolf Punch

Says nothing.
In his account, it is pointed out that shy people often contribute little in society. “Theysay nothing, give little of themselves and do not contribute at all to the deep conversations one relies on in a functioning society”states in the statement sent on Monday afternoon to eAvisa’s narcotics journalism department by fax

I’m going to be happy.
“Wesee no concerns or negative consequences of legalizing Cocaine”says the secretary of state, continuing; “When shy people take this drug, they become both more talkable and happier. This is a win-win situation for all the tragic, shy and unexciting people out there” he quits while smiling very

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