BREAKING NEWS: Government opens public transport area for drug-affected drivers to prevent accidents

The government writes in a press release that it will now open the public transport field to drivers with alcohol and drugs in their bodies. In this way, the drug-affected drivers will to a lesser extent create dangerous situations when driving in intoxication, the message states

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In other words, everyone driving in affected condition will now be able to use the public transport area together with electric car drivers and bus/taxi. “Wehope this will reduce the number of road accidents as a result of intoxication by up to 39%” says a brilliantly satisfied traffic and transport spokesman Erlend Bøttevold of the government’s traffic department.

Fulle arbeidere kommer raskere til jobb: For å dempe trafikktrykket i rushen kan nå alle ruspåvirkede sjåfører benytte kollektivfeltet i Norge. “En gledens dag for alle som kjører i fylla” skriver en som har gått livets harde skole i et kommentarfelt tilknyttet en artikkel han ikke har lest på Facebook

The chairman and spokesperson of the Association of Drug Drivers believes the measure shows that the government takes drunk drivers seriously. “Yes this is a step in the right direction. In all the years, we as drunks have been looked down on and been hotly drunk at the roughest. Now we get a compensation for this and it feels good” he says

The measure applies with immediate effect so if you drink before driving it is now free to use the public transport

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