BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump has a twin sister who is a farmer in Hokksund

The racist and mentally unstable president of the chaos-country America confirms today that he has a twin sister who works as a self-employed person in Hokksund. The woman named Albertine Trost runs a farm where she grows potatoes, spring onions and watermelons on a relatively small scale. The siblings haven’t spoken in years

Rarely sees
his brother
eAvisa has as the only and largest serious news agency in Norway got Trump’s twin sister in speech. She says she rarely sees or talks to her twin brother. “Donald’s like a stranger to me. He never calls, never sends money or congratulates me on the day” she says. She is clearly disappointed with her twin brother, but keeps the door open if he chooses to take a trip to Hokksund to visit her. “Sure, he’s going to get potato cakes and cream served. That’s my specialty. she says

Donald confirms
After countless phone calls, texts and, not least, travels to the United States, the eAvisa has finally succeeded in getting confirmed from Trump that he acknowledges having a twin sister who lives in Hokksund where she works as a farmer. “Yes, i am a great man and i have a not so great twinsister”writes Trump in a short but precise text message to eAvisa.

eAvisa follows the case and will release new information about Trump’s unknown twin sister daily until May 13, 2065. If you have any information about Albertine Trost, please send us tips at politikk@tvillingsø

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