RIGHT NOW: Violent demonstrations around the world against pineapple on pizza

It’s taking off all over the world, reports the news agency TrumpRealNews. The news agency owned by the mentally ill president of the United States reports massive demonstrations around the world carried out by millions of people who are now setting foot on pineapple on pizza

Enough is enough
The news agency further reports that pineapple now emerges as the enemy number 2 right after stupidity that is in first place. “Pineapple has nothing to do with pizza or hot food whatsoever”shouting furious protesters as they march through the streets of Washington, Paris, Berlin and Jessheim South. “Enough is enough”screams some while others again demonstrate their disgust at the pineapple by showing the picture of a pineapple with a thumb down on the same image. The feelings are obviously strong

Throwing pineapple
Many of the protesters throw pineapples at pizza shacks that have a pizza with pineapple on the menu while others throw pineapple in the face of people who say pineapple on pizza is good. “We are considering a ban on pineapple on pizza if this continues”says politician Jørgen Satanas Anasasis to eAvisa via text message

eAvisa follows the case and comes back with more around the case of pineapple on pizza

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