BREAKING NEWS: Gender-operated Lars (formerly Britt) has developed a face mask for vegans with a gluten allergy

Lars-Andrè Vott from Gnekkbråsætra may have hit the mark with his new invention. Lars-Andrè has invented a brand new type of face mask that is specially adapted for vegans with a gluten allergy. “A win for all vegans out there with gluten allergy” says Lars-Andrè who has been working on developing the face mask for the whole 14 years

Sex-operated and happy boy
Lars-Andrè has not always been a happy and successful inventor. Three years ago, Lars was called Britt and struggled with abnormally high hair growth. “When you are a lady with lots of hair on the body it is difficult to make friends and girlfriends alike, which is why I chose to change gender”says Lars-Andrè, who was formerly britt. “Now that I’m a man, no one reacts to me having a lot of hair growth. It’s perfectly normal for us men to have lots of hair.” he says

Going to sell the
invention to vegans
Lars-Andrè is proud of his face mask. “Yes I find that vegans with gluten allergy are often forgotten. Now at least they’ve got their own face mask that’s tailored to them and their condition” he says. ” Yes, but not all face masks are adapted to vegans with gluten allergy then” ask eAvisa. “Idon’t know anything about that, I concentrate on my product so get the other face mask manufacturers caring about their face masks”says a clearly annoyed Lars-Andrè

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