Girl who likes to burn ants now wants a small dog

A cute little girl from Bærum has a big wish this summer. The girl who for many weeks has been playing alone in the garden where the anttua stands will so very much like to get a small dog. “I think it’s fun to play with animals. They’re funny when they scream.“smiling the girl who thought it’s fun to burn ants.” Ha ha ha yes it’s fun”laughs the girl before she suddenly stops and looks hard and intensively at a little puppy walking past

sure the parents will give in
The parents of the little girl are both directors and owners of their own company. They are used to compensating for their absence by buying things for their daughter regardless of whether it is completely insane. “Ourlittle girl deserves the best”says her father by phone from London. He hasn’t seen his daughter in weeks and has no idea that his daughter’s favourite pursuit is burning ants in the garden

Want a dog
So now the girl wants a dog. “I want a dog that does exactly as I say and that is cute when it gets hurt”says the girl. She wants a little dog because she thinks big dogs are ugly. “He yes you say the strangest things you little lovely”smiles the mother as she checks the mail on her latest Iphone. Tomorrow it’s out to find a lucky little puppy that’s going to be the little girl’s new toy. Voff voff – Wikipedia

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