BREAKING NEWS: Fearing a new pandemic. Male (39 years) infected by powerful PC virus.

HORDALAND: A man south of Norway’s least popular city Bergen is on Wednesday morning hospitalized with severe pop-up pains and an ugly cough. The man is the first person in the world to have now been detected pc virus. Now experts fear pc virus will become the next pandemic and advises people with a pc to stay inside for the next 5 weeks

Should switch to Mac
Several doctors say that the PC virus can infect quickly and that the symptoms are small or in most cases completely absent. “We see that this virus can quickly get out of control and recommend people to switch from PC to Mac before it’s too late”says doctor and shareholder of Apple Trond Kruse Eplehuse

The man got infected at home
The man who became infected is said to have been sitting at home in front of his own computer when he became infected. “The man has been on some websites where it is easy to get viruses and was infected via these websites via the virus which therefore sat on the computer of the man”says PC expert Ronny-Allan-Bjørnar Neverud to eAvisa. He advises everyone to stay away from the PC in the near future and buy mac instead.

For the record; Everyone involved in this article including writers, interviewees, manufacturers, family and spouses have shares in Apple that produce Mac

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