BREAKING NEWS: Empty streets in Scotland ensured this sea creature appeared for the first time

Today there is a lot of attention on the Corona virus- Many people are quarantined and the streets of the country are mostly crowded. It has resulted in more animals thought to be extinct drawing to the crowded streets

One of the most startling creatures that has drawn into the crowded streets is the sea monster everyone thought was just a myth. The Lockness monster has for many years been dismissed as a nonsense ball, but this morning the sea monster appeared. Now scientists are wondering what other mythical animals might emerge. You can read up on the Lockness monster here

Loch Ness Monster | History, Sightings, & Facts | Britannica
Shown up before: The monster or ‘Nessie’ which many call the sea monster has proved in the past, but never to the extent now seen as a result of the crowded streets of Scotland

Sabaltooth and Mamut?
Many scientists without formal education believe that both sabertooth tigers, mammoths and unicorns can emerge as a result of the people-turned-areas. “The Corona virus has caused many animals to enter the city centres around the world and we expect unicorns to show up in all their glory over the next few days”says self-proclaimed researcher and unicorn expert Vidar Blockleilighet to eAvisa

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