BREAKING NEWS: Fed woman bit her husband after he told her to calm down

“I was annoyed” says the woman

When Beate Brokkstav Felatus gave birth to his first daughter, the man was to be included as moral support next to the birth bed. The session started well, but came to a dramatic end for the man who is now dead.

Trifled pain
The man started with some encouraging word choices like “You’re good darlings”and “This is going well, my girl”. Unfortunately, the man perceived that Beate exaggerated something when she screamed and screamed as a result of a man going out of her little pee. The man first said that “So it hurts, i guess it’s not” and then to say “This is getting embarrassing. They hear us out in the hallway.” tells a witness who works as a midwife.

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Got what’s deserved: After a series of comments that she should pull herself together, Beate chose in full rage and eats up her husband. Many now agree that this is fine as it is a known case that women can behave as unsympatheticly they will only when they have “pain” during childbirth.

Ate man in full rage
As the woman continued the painful experience, the man continued to encourage her to pull herself together. The man had read a research report online that it actually is not so painful to give birth, but that women exaggerate very. Suddenly the woman got enough and grabbed the man’s throat and ate him slowly but surely up. “We chose to let the woman eat ready for fear of being eaten up ourselves”says a witness who works as a doctor. He describes the woman as extremely unstable and irritated during childbirth.

The story is not just sad. Beate and her daughter were sent home from the hospital just 2 hours after giving birth which is well within the 6-hour deadline. “Yes it’s a victory for the system that we got them out so fast”says a politician who doesn’t quite understand the extent of what he’s set to talk about

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