RESEARCH: People who listen to Heavy Metal are the smartest

Do you listen to hard rock?

The State Center for Interpersonal Relations has for years been working on a study to find out which music genres the smartest (and stupidest) people listen to. If you listen to Jass and list pop, you’re unfortunately just a few per cent away from the retarded claims study.

Metal fans are by far the smartest
At the upper end of the IQ scale we find people who listen to heavy metal and hard rock. Here the study highlights that the metal people have both the greatest understanding of humor while also possessing the most general knowledge. Hip hop lags relatively far behind when it comes to intelligence. Hip-Hop listeners often have a bad vocabulary and their general knowledge is relatively limited.

Jazz and List Pop are on the verge of retarded
Furthermore, the study shows that some shocking image of people listening to jazz and/or list pop. The IQ level of this group is completely in the lower tier and on the verge of ridiculously stupid. Of other music styles, classical is like that in the middle of the tree while alternative pop jazz mostly attracts listeners who struggle with self-image and reality perception.

But again; if you listen to heavy metal, the top level of the world is at the very top of the world.

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