BREAKING NEWS: Colleagues wasted 2 hours saying “Can you hear me” and “Hello?”

A department at the company Byggbassvass AS managed Monday morning to conduct a 2 hour long meeting where the only sentences that were said were“Can you hear me”,Hello?”and “I do not have sound“. Now the whole company is going on course in how to deal with Skype without wasting valuable working hours

Average age of 57 years
The ceo of the company Bo Kasper Orkesterud tells eAvisa that he is embarrassed by the employees’ incompetence when it comes to the digital. “With an average age in the company of 57 years consisting of builders, we notice clear limitations when it comes to such an EDB,” he says. The general manager points out that he possesses some edb digital knowledge, but that the other employees have not learned neither edb nor Google well enough

No one
heard each other.
In Monday’s morning meeting, management had decided to start with a more forward-leaning attitude towards digital platforms. Most people signed in to Skype, but not a single employee made both audio and microphone work. The result was that everyone sat in front of the screen screaming“Can you hear me”without anyone hearing anyone. Merry Christmas a!

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