BREAKING NEWS: Aurora believes eyebrow stylists have a socially critical function and should open their stores

This is no longer going, now the government actually has to take hold. Me and hundreds of women now walk around looking like monsters“says Aurora Brynerud from Bryn in Oslo. She is determined that those who style eyebrows also have a socially critical role and that they should be granted dispensation to open their clinics

That’s not
how we’re supposed to have it.
Lene who works daily as a stylist blogger is both despairing, angry and a little frustrated. “Yes, I don’t look. When both doctors, store employees and not least those who pick up rubbish are allowed to work then really eyebrow-stylists should also get to work. The job they do is indispensable or indispensable or whatever it is called” she says. “That’s not how we should have it in 2020” she continues.

Considering dropping up on restrictions
Bryn og negl spokesman for the Conservative Party Sivert Landblod says in a brief comment that they are now looking at the possibility of letting up on the restrictions and allowing eyebrow clinics to treat the very ugliest. “We see that there will be more and more girls with eyebrows that look cruel so we’re going to put this on the agenda,” he says. He works from home in shirt and boxer shorts

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