Adventure and games – the perfect combination

Adventure and games fit like hand in glove. There is something very special about following a story or journey, and at the same time Participate in the adventure that plays. We’re going to look at some popular adventure games in different formats.

Dungeons and Dragons (table role playing)

What makes role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons extra entertaining is you’re more entertaining than with most other games that help create the story itself. This role-playing game is popularly considered the first and probably most famous of table role-playing games, and was created by two friends in 1974 with a passion for the mysterious fantasy world. Over the years, role-playing has become hugely popular around the worldand is perfect for those who are a little extra concerned with adventure and games.

1974 Dungeons and Dragons set, Xmas morn”(CC BY-SA 2.0) by gruntzooki

The Walking Dead (mobile game)

The comic book and TV series The Walking Dead has been a huge hit for years, so it’s no surprise that different variations of The Walking Deadhave also been developed for most platforms. It has become a big hit on mobile, and there are several different games to choose from. Especially popular is telltale miniseries where you play the different characters and get a closer look at their personal history and journey. This is an adventure game that guarantees excitement and entertainment.

White Rabbit (slot machine)

The slot machine White Rabbit is based on the wonderful adventure Alice in Wonderland, by the English writer Lewis Carroll. The story has also been filmed several times and is not surprisingly a popular inspiration for themes for slot machines. This is the first time Megaway has found inspiration from Carroll’s surreal adventure world, but what a job they’ve done with the game. According to there are casino games for all tastes and here you can try White Rabbit with its amazing graphics and exciting features. These make it easy to dream away to Wonderland.

Ticket to Ride

This is not a typical action or adventure game, but in Ticket to Ride you can go on adventures around the world! Asia, Africa, the UK and the US are just some of the destinations you can visit – otherwise you also have the opportunity to make your way through Europe and the Nordic countries! You can also get expansion packs so you can travel in both time and space, how about visiting the United States in 1910, for example? The main goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible by building railways between destinations. It’s about building the most and longest railways, and completing the destination cards you draw along the way. All hands on board!

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