19 poor people having their WORST day ever

Most of us experience bad days. Days when nothing gets right and days when everything that can go wrong really goes wrong. These are some good examples of this:

1. It might have been fun for a little while, but then:

It Was A Great Day Till This Moment

2. The day someone takes a picture of you that will be the worst picture of you ever:

This Is The Worst Picture Ever Taken Of Me

3. Driving with his dog there…

My Brother, On The Ride Home From Picking Up His New Puppy

4. When you come home from work and discover that you have forgotten to close the window in the bathroom:

After A Few Weeks, I Returned To My Apartment

5. Sunbathe…

When The Sun's Out And You Don't Think It Through

6. When you lose your toothbrush and it falls like this:

Was Confused When It Didn't Sound Like It Hit The Floor

7. Knut had bought a new printer. it turned out to be broken

The Printer Exploded

8. When you have a cat:

Feeling Like Kevin From The Office Right Now

9. Guess who was allergic to hair removal cream?

Guess Who's Severely Allergic To Hair Dye? This Girl

10. Always cozy with a dog on his lap that has diarrhea:

Our Puppy Had Explosive Diarrhea All Over My Wife

11. When one forgets to close the skylight and winter comes:

12. That birthday when Grete burned up her hair:


13. When you discover that your husband is a lousy craftsman:


14. Should not have eaten the strong food yesterday…


15. The day you were going to enjoy yourself in the amusement park:


16. I never get sunburnt…

PIC: Possibly the Worst Sunburn You'll Ever See | Her.ie

17. Some eggs that shattered that day at work yes…

Somebody Didn't Strap The Egg Trolleys In Properly On The Truck. 10,500 Eggs Broken

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